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Why Should I Hire You?

I’m occasionally approached by a potential client who says, “I have a slam dunk case. Why should I hire your office when I can handle this on my own and not have to pay fees?”

There are many answers to this question and the ones that apply vary from case to case.

There are very few “slam dunk” cases. You’d be surprised how often an insurance company will fight over a seemingly obvious “clear liability” case. I’ve seen cases where a defense is mounted after a defendant driver claims the injured party reversed into her… while they were traveling on the freeway! Insurance companies will sometimes place roadblocks for the unrepresented party – roadblocks which may be difficult to overcome without the assistance of an attorney. Sometimes no settlement offers are made at all, forcing the injured party to file a lawsuit on their own or retain an attorney at the last minute. Filing a lawsuit incorrectly or filing it late can harm your case or prevent you from recovering at all.

You may already have been offered the policy limit on your claim. Why would you hire an attorney at that point? You may not be constrained by the policy limit offered. We make sure no stone is left unturned. There may be other insurance policies that apply to your claim – policies of which you are not aware and may unknowingly agree to settle without. There may be assets which the defendant can offer up as compensation in addition to the insurance policy presently offered. Part of our representation involves looking into other policies of insurance and into the assets of the defendant. We will also investigate your claim to see whether there are other liable parties – such as the city, county, or state. With our representation, you will have the peace of mind that every avenue of recovery was explored.

There are a multitude of reasons you should hire Heiting & Irwin. Contact us, or give us a call at (951) 682-6400 and one of our attorneys would be happy to discuss the reasons, as well as your case, with you.

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