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Will Your Fourth of July End With a Lawsuit?

There is nothing as synonymous with July 4th as fireworks, and nothing as synonymous with fireworks as catastrophic injury accidents. Each year, hundreds of individuals in California visit emergency rooms across the state because of one or more fireworks-related injuries, such as:

  • Severe burn injuries;
  • Loss of eye or other disfiguring injuries;
  • Cuts and lacerations (if the firework resulted in “shrapnel”);
  • Other similar injuries.

Injuries that occur during Fourth of July celebrations may not result in personal injury compensation awards as easily as personal injury accidents that occur at other times during the year and/or under different circumstances.

What You Need to Know About Fourth of July Injuries 

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you celebrate the Fourth of July holiday this year:

Contributory negligence may limit your recovery. While California law does permit a personal injury victim to recover compensation even in situations where the victim’s own carelessness contributes to his or her injuries, pursuing a personal injury case for your Fourth of July injuries may not make much financial sense if you are predominately at fault for causing your injuries (if, for example, you were “battling” with others using Roman candles or other similar fireworks or sitting too close to a fireworks display).

Purchasing fireworks from unlicensed and unregulated dealers may make it difficult to recover compensation. Defective fireworks that explode too early or that are otherwise dangerous can lead to a product liability lawsuit if you can find the individual or business that sold the firework to you and/or that manufactured the firework. When you purchase fireworks from individuals who are not reputable, however, they may disappear long before you can prepare and file your case. This will leave you and your family without much, if any, legal recourse for your injuries.

Personal injuries can occur on the private property of others, too. If you visit a friend’s or family member’s home for the Fourth of July and become injured, these injuries may be compensable through a premises liability lawsuit if your friend or family member did not take appropriate precautions to protect you or other guests from injury. Your friend’s or your family’s homeowner’s insurance policy may or may not cover these types of injuries, so it is best to speak with an attorney to discuss the best course of action so that you can obtain the compensation you need without unnecessarily harming relationships or friendships.

Reach Out to Your Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Today 

It is the hope of your Riverside personal injury recovery team at Heiting & Irwin that you and your family will have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. In the event you or a loved one suffer an injury, whether because of a firework accident, a car crash, or other personal injury incident, look to Heiting & Irwin to assist you in obtaining prompt and full compensation for your losses. Call our office at (951) 682-6440, or contact us online for assistance.

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