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Car Crashes in Reverse: Back Up Safely

California car crashes do not always happen when cars are moving forward. Careless or negligent conduct while driving a car in reverse can also lead to an injury or fatal crash! Car crashes that occur while the vehicle is in reverse do tend to happen at lower speeds – it is rare for someone to be driving in reverse at 35 miles per hour, for example – but pedestrians, bicyclists, toddlers, the elderly, and others who may be at a greater risk of injury in any kind of crash are likely to be seriously injured, even in a “reversing” car crash. The injuries one experiences as a victim in one of these types of crashes may be just as serious (if not more so) as those experienced in other car wrecks.

Backing Up Safely in an Automobile

 With the advent of safety technology such as rear-view cameras and collision detection, drivers may be less inclined to use their senses – including their common sense – when backing up their vehicles. Just as a driver can carelessly operate his or her vehicle in “Drive” and thereby be liable for injuries and losses he or she causes, so too can a careless driver whose car travels in reverse be held responsible for any injuries or expenses he or she causes.

Examples of careless behavior that can lead to injury and fatal accidents while in “Reverse” include:

  • Not checking behind and around the car for obstacles or individuals before and while backing up;
  • Traveling in reverse at a speed that does not enable the driver to easily and swiftly brake in the event of an emergency;
  • Operating a car knowing that the car’s reverse lights are not working and are therefore unable to warn others of your intended direction of travel;
  • Unreasonable reliance on mirrors and/or cameras.

The same types of evidence and witnesses as in any auto accident will be used to determine your precise legal rights. More specifically, your testimony, the testimony of any eyewitnesses, and the reports of law enforcement officers and/or expert witnesses will all be important in reconstructing how the accident happened and caused the injuries.

When to Talk to Your Vehicle Accident Law Firm

 While accidents in “reverse” are not as common as other types of car wrecks, this does not mean they are any different (from a legal perspective) as other car wrecks. Clients will benefit from the assistance, counsel, and representation of an experienced and knowledgeable California Personal Injury law firm such as Heiting & Irwin. Our firm possesses the background and resources that can help prevail in car crash lawsuits regardless of whether the at-fault driver’s car was in “Drive” or “Reverse.” Call us and discuss your case by dialing 951-682-6400 or by contacting our firm online.

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