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Catastrophic Injuries and Amputations

Catastrophic injuries can have devastating consequences on a person’s life. They certainly include amputations, making someone’s life much more difficult, affect their self-image, their physical abilities, and their ability to get or keep jobs or careers; and, of course, they can seriously limit mobility. An amputee may well have a range of psychological and emotional issues to contend with following their accident, as well. If you or someone you love got into an accident and is looking into catastrophic injuries whether it involves amputation, burns, paralysis, or other extremely serious injuries, then it’s imperative to reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Riverside, California permiere personal injury lawyers Heiting & Irwin have over four decades of experience helping clients with catastrophic injury cases. We have retrieved more than $500 million for our clients, and we’ll fight to get you every penny that you deserve.

Accidents That Lead to Amputations

There are certain accidents that tend to result in catastrophic injuries like amputations. Car accidents are common in general, and they also happen to be a leading cause of amputation injuries. When it comes to car accidents, it doesn’t just mean getting hit when you’re in a car. If you were biking, walking, or on a motorcycle when a vehicle hit you, then the chances of your injuries being worse is much higher. Additionally, trucks and buses tend to do more damage than regular cars. Other causes of amputation injuries include workplace, shop, and construction site accidents, agricultural accidents, and electrocution accidents.

There are a number of parties that could be responsible for an accident and subsequent amputation injury. Contacting a personal injury lawyer to help sort this out as soon as possible is very important.  For instance, if you were at work and your employer had changed the machinery in a way that caused your accident or injury, then they could possibly be held liable. They will always be responsible for your workers’ compensation benefits, and our State Certified Work Comp specialist, Richard Irwin, is here to help.  If machinery malfunctioned because of a poor product design, then the manufacturer might be to blame.

If you were driving when you got into the accident, another driver could be at fault. If a road hazard caused the accident, the local government or a construction company could be responsible. If a mechanic did an improper repair on a vehicle and that vehicle malfunctioned and hit you, the repair company could be at fault. If the trucker was under the influence of alcohol, or course they would be to blame and more than one party may be responsible.

Even if you believe you were at least partly responsible for your accident, you still may have a good case. 

Different Types of Amputations

There are various types of amputations experienced if in serious accidents. Loss of the blood supply to an injured limb, may result in needing to perform a surgical amputation to prevent further harm. If there is a traumatic amputation and loss of  a limb in the accident, the doctors could possibly reattach it if the conditions are right. Amputations could include below the knee, partial foot, wrist, hand, shoulder, arms, and/or legs. 

Amputation Surgery and Other Medical Costs

A catastrophic injury could end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) over the course of a lifetime. When it comes to amputation injuries, first is the surgery. It’s estimated that the general, average, total lifetime medical cost for an amputation is $509,272. This estimate is based on costs for the initial hospitalization and follow-up hospitalizations, outpatient physician’s appointments, physical and occupational therapy, and prosthetics. Costs could be even higher depending on the severity of the injury and other specific circumstances surrounding the health of the individual.

We may also need to factor in home health care, such as nurses and caregivers, medical equipment needed to install in the home, and ongoing medication needed. Healthcare is incredibly expensive, and without health insurance, paying for these costs can be extremely challenging. However, there is hope if we are able to retrieve damages for you through the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Damages in an Amputation Injury Case

Along with medical costs, there are a number of damages that could apply with an amputation injury. The first is loss of wages, which would be especially relevant if one loses a physically demanding job. A settlement would take into account loss of wages, not only for your current position, but also for any bonuses, advancements, etc. you could have received if you had kept working there.

Loss of earning capacity for the future is also compensable.  Amputees lose opportunities to compete in the labor market, and that loss needs to be compensated.

If you can longer care for your children or support your spouse, then those damages may be factored in as well. Loss of enjoyment will be considered regarding loss of ability to participate in activities and hobbies. Pain and suffering would certainly be relevant to the case.

It isn’t out of the question to think that one could receive a very large settlement for an amputation injury. After all, it will be needed, and the only way you will really know what kind of settlement is appropriate is to contact a premiere personal injury lawyer, who could calculate the types of economic and non-economic damages and prosecute a case to try to recover them for the client.

What Should You Do After an Accident?

With catastrophic accidents, immediate medical attention is of utmost importance. Health above all else is the rule. The sooner you get to the doctor, the better.

Others involved in your accident can stay behind at the scene or help collect evidence.  Others will probably call the police who will write up a police report, and gather some witness statements.  Photographs and videos, will be very important.  Write down or record everything you remember about the accident as soon as you can. It may prove significant.

Just don’t fret too much: Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, who will collect your medical records, contact the police for more information, look into witnesses, photos, evidence, and video footage, and assign an accident investigator to the case. They will also discuss financial hardships and demands that may be pending and worrisome.  This will also free up the clients focus on health and getting better. Let the lawyer handle all the work while the patient heals as much as possible from the injuries.

Contact Heiting & Irwin for Assistance

If you or a loved one were in a serious accident and suffer a catastrophic injury, for example, an amputation, then it’s time to find a personal injury lawyer to represent you immediately. Heiting & Irwin is here for you. We have dealt with many personal injury cases and will work hard to get you the settlement that you deserve. Contact us online at or call us at 951-682-6400 to learn more and to get started on the path to a successful resolution of your case.

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