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From my perspective the Workers’ Compensation system is broken – at least with respect to obtaining timely and necessary medical care.  Without going into detail exactly why that is the case, as I had dealt with this issue in a previous blog, I want to make sure you don’t give up on the system.

If medical care is delayed or denied through the Workers’ Compensation system, often times attorneys will inquire whether their client has other medical insurance resources (e.g. private insurance, group insurance, insurance through their spouse, Medicare, etc.) available to seek the care which is not being provided either at all or not on a timely basis.  After all, your health is what’s important.

However, still push for treatment through your Workers’ Compensation case.  Appeal denials, fight for your rights. Some benefits are, obviously, more worth fighting than others – choose your battles (or have your attorney do so) and keep knocking on that door until it opens.

If you just give up on the W/C system and get all of your treatment elsewhere or, worse, stop treating when you need treatment – then you are just playing into the hands of the insurance company or self-insured employer, with the result that they are saving a ton of money and when it comes down to settlement they often claim “He/she is not even using medical care” with the result that they only offer a few cents on the dollar to close your medical care.

So, even if you are obtaining much needed care outside the system, continue to knock on the door, choose your battles and battle away.

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