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Getting Ready for Your Birds to Leave the Nest: A Pre-College “To Do” List

If your son or daughter just graduated from high school in 2017, chances are you are busy preparing for the date on which you will take him or her to college. You may have already engaged in considerable pre-planning:

  • You may have visited the college on multiple occasions and toured the campus and dormitories;
  • You may have begun purchasing items necessary for your child to live on his or her own (like sheets, storage options, clothing, and/or small appliances);
  • You undoubtedly have purchased supplies your child will need for his or her first semester of classes like books, a computer, and other similar items.

Very few parents, however, consider preparing themselves and their children for an unexpected injury accident while away from home.

Prepare for the Unexpected Before it is too Late 

There are steps you and your child can complete now that will protect your child at college and that will make it easier for you and your child to take prompt and decisive action in the event another person’s carelessness causes injuries to your child:

  • Make sure that your child’s vehicle (if any) is in good working condition and that is properly insured. If you will be continuing to pay for the insurance on your child’s vehicle, make sure your insurer is aware that your child will be using the vehicle at college.
  • Your child can remain on your insurance until long after he or she should have completed college. Make certain your child remains on your insurance policy (if that is what you desire) and that your child and the college have information about the policy – the policy number, carrier, etc. – in the event of an emergency.
  • Discuss safety with your child, including the advisability of walking with others at night and wearing appropriate clothing or taking a flashlight when in or near a vehicle travel way. Also discuss with your child responsible alcohol use, reminding him or her that underage alcohol consumption is a crime and that it is dangerous to consume alcohol and then drive or be involved in risky activities.
  • Create and leave instructions with your child and your child’s school detailing whom may be called in the event your child is injured and it becomes important to reach a family member. Leave several names and numbers in the event you cannot be immediately located: when medical authorization for treatment is required, obtaining such treatment as quickly as possible is critical.

Heiting & Irwin is Here to Assist You and Your Child 

It is the hope of us at Heiting & Irwin that your high school graduate will have a safe and enlightening college experience. In the event your child is injured, we are here to help review the matter and, if appropriate, fight for you and your child and assist you in obtaining monetary damages for their injuries. We are only a call or click away: Call (951) 682-6440 or contact us online for help.

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