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This Saturday, March 17, 2012, Heiting & Irwin will be participating in the Mary S. Robert’s Pet Adoption Center’s “20th Annual Walk With The Animals”. Held at Fairmount Park here in Riverside, the walk around Lake Evans begins at 9 a.m. led by a bagpiper. Also featured are a pancake breakfast, dog-kissing booth, bake sale (people and pets), low-cost vaccinations and microchips, and various other exhibits.

Our dog pack, “Heiting’s Hounds”, plans to attend with more than 17 people and 6 dogs, all dressed in St. Patrick’s Day green shirts with matching bandanas for the pups. We have been working hard to gather as many donations as possible for the non-profit, no-kill shelter, dedicated to providing giving homeless cats and dogs a second chance for a happy, healthy life by finding them good, loving homes. If you have not had the opportunity to pledge your donation, you may do so at:

Thank you to all our supporters, and to all those who support the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center!

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