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Hoverboard Recalls

Several months back, I wrote an initial blog discussing various aspects of “hoverboard liability.” These products/devices are now becoming the proverbial “accident waiting to happen.” There have been multiple incidents of the lithium battery packs (used to power the device), over-heating, smoking, catching fire and/or exploding, causing serious injury(s) to the user.

There is currently a recall of the hoverboard crafts by multiple manufacturers, the number of which may be in excess of one-half million products. Other retailers, including Amazon and Overstock, have stopped selling certain models, and are warning consumers regarding those products previously purchased. Plain and simple, the hoverboard is just not safe!

If you are concerned with a purchase of a hoverboard, recall of the item, or any potential underlying injury arising therefrom, you can contact the Heiting & Irwin. Product liability, injuries from the use of hoverboards, or any other “product injury(s)” are matters handled by and within the expertise of our attorneys.

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