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The Importance of Timely Medical Care

In pursuing recovery for any physical or emotional injuries that might result from another’s negligence, the importance of timely medical care cannot be over-emphasized.  Not only does the creation of the medical record provide proof of the injuries existing at the time, but it also helps substantiate any claims made for pain and suffering.

It is more commonly understood by members of the public that obtaining medical care as soon as possible after a traumatic event is important.  In my mind, treatment received in this period helps establish that any injury actually occurred at all.

What I believe is less widely understood, however, is the importance of following through with care and the importance of returning for further medical care if the symptoms and injuries have not resolved.  This type of treatment helps establish that an injury is ongoing and possibly, permanent.

In the best of circumstances, all doctors’ orders and recommendations are followed precisely, and any pain or other symptoms that have not resolved are addressed.  Attorneys, however, are rarely presented with the best of circumstances, so do not be discouraged if you have not sought immediate medical care or have not yet followed up on ongoing symptoms.  Just get in to see a doctor now, and then call your lawyer to make a plan.

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