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Paralysis is generally defined as the loss of muscle function of one or more muscles. This condition can be accompanied by a sensory loss (loss of feeling) in the affected area, and may occur in any part of the body where nerve paths between the brain and body part are damaged. There are many types of paralysis, with the most common classifications being “complete” (total loss of function in the affected area) and “partial” (difficulty in moving or feeling in the affected area). Injury by way of trauma, whether it be motor vehicle accident or medical negligence, may necessitate life long care resulting from the paralysis.

Paralysis of the lower limbs and lower part of the body is called paraplegia. Paralysis which affects either the right side or the left side of the body is referred to as hemiplegia. Paralysis of all four limbs is referred to as quadriplegia.

Severe accidents that damage spinal cords and nerves, resulting in major trauma to the nervous system, can result in severe paralysis. Victims of significant motor vehicle collisions can sustain paralyzing injuries. Medical negligence can also bring about paralysis, typically when the physician has performed a medical procedure which involves the spine or the areas surrounding it. Errors in surgery can result in irrevocable damage to the spine or brain, resulting in paralysis. Cases involving birth related traumas, negligent surgeries, inappropriate medication dosages, anesthesia, and misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a disease, can all result in paralysis.

Victims of paralysis generally require serious and long term medical care and treatment to deal with not only the physical damages but the emotional aspects of such paralyzing injuries. California law allows individuals who are the victim of significant trauma, causing paralysis by another party, such as either the driver of a motor vehicle, the manufacturer of a defective product, or the negligent surgeon/physician/hospital, to pursue a claim for damages for losses that have been suffered, and will be incurred in the future.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are trained to provide skillful consultation, guidance and representation to preserve and pursue important rights and claims of damages. Only through skilled and aggressive legal representation can a victim of a paralyzing injury be appropriately compensated. Contact the attorneys at Heiting & Irwin for a free consultation to both understand and protect your legal rights.

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