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Let’s face it, sometimes accidents happen. And when accidents happen, people, sometimes innocent people, get seriously injured. Thankfully, the legal system in California allows some victims to get compensation from those who cause the accidents and their injuries.

One example would include the recent Redondo Beach incident where a LADOT bus making a left turn struck two elderly pedestrians, apparently crossing the street in the crosswalk. It is possible the living pedestrian and the heirs of the deceased pedestrian could recover for the injuries they received in this incident by filing a personal injury lawsuit against:

  1. Whoever is responsible for the bus, possibly including the driver and LADOT, among others.

  2. Whoever is responsible for the intersection’s operations, including warning lights, signs, and other such things. This could possibly include the City of Redondo Beach, but sometimes this work is contracted out to others.

  3. Whoever is responsible for the intersection’s design, including deciding whether a traffic signal or other control devices were necessary. This could possibly include the City of Redondo Beach, but again, sometimes this work has been originally designed by others.

As you may see, the strength of a potential case can vary based on a variety of specific facts, issues, and events. There may be other rights and remedies available that apply, as more or different information emerges. The above potential defendants may have defenses available that prevent the injured from succeeding in their personal injury cases; there may be other unknown or unidentified defendants responsible.

For these and other reasons, it is imperative to speak with an attorney about your specific situation. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, just like my office at Heiting & Irwin, so you can either discuss your case over the phone or make an appointment to meet face to face with an attorney. Of course, this article offers just a few examples for informational purposes only, and does not substitute for specific legal advice. Be sure to speak to someone as soon as possible.

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