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Steps To Take If I Hit A Cyclist With My Car

Steps To Take If I Hit A Cyclist With My Car

According to The National Safety Council, there were approximately 325,000 preventable non-fatal injuries from bicycle transportation incidents in 2020. With an increasing number of Americans taking to the road with bicycles, it seems reasonable to assume that more accidents are likely to occur, and many drivers may be wondering: What do I do if I hit a cyclist with my car? Experienced car accident lawyers may be able to help you understand your rights if you hit a cyclist with your car. The car accident lawyers at Heiting & Irwin in Riverside, California have a track record of over $500 million in personal injury verdicts and settlements. Consider reaching out for a free consultation to learn your rights at (951) 682 -6400.

What Happens if You Accidentally Hit Someone on a Bike With Your Car?

You may be stressed after any type of accident, especially one where you may be at fault and/or hit a cyclist.  Regardless of fault, there are some important things you can do:

  • Preserve documents that are relevant to the accident, such as photos, police reports, videos, and other evidence
  • Let your insurance company know about the incident
  • Consider having legal representative handle all communications with the other party

What Do You Do if You Collide With a Cyclist?

When a vehicle and a bike collide, it is the cyclist who is more likely to be injured (United States Department of Transportation). If you hit a cyclist with your car, there are certain steps you should take immediately. These include:

  • If you can, get your vehicle off the roadway. There are other instances where it may be best to leave the vehicles where they are. Consider asking the police before you move your car.
  • Get out of your car and check on the cyclist to see if they are injured. If they are injured, do not move them. Instead, call for help.
  • Call the police. The police can assist with protecting the scene, documenting evidence related to the cause of the accident, and calling for emergency medical attention.
  • Exchange contact information with the cyclist, including their name, address, and phone number.
  • Gather evidence by taking photos of the road, the vehicle, and the bicycle. If you were injured, take photos of those injuries as well. Focus on taking photos of the positions of the vehicle and the bicycle. If there are any witnesses, take their statements and check for CCTV footage.

You may also wish to reach out to a car accident attorney, such as the ones at Heiting & Irwin, if you accidentally hit a cyclist with your car. An experienced car accident lawyers may be able to help you understand your legal rights.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Bike Accident?

As mentioned earlier, bicycle accidents are more likely than car-on-car accidents to result in catastrophic injuries such as head injuries, internal injuries, or spinal cord injuries. You may be wondering: How long will it take for the cyclist to recover from injuries after I hit a cyclist with my car? The amount of time it takes to recover will depend on the level of injury.  In some cases, injuries may be life-altering with permanent damage, and may require ongoing care.

What if I Got Hit by a Car but I Feel Fine?

Even if the cyclist feels fine after being hit by a car, it is important that they go to the doctor. Some injuries don’t present immediately, with common examples including internal bleeding and traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, soreness and temporary pain may turn into chronic pain. A doctor can help evaluate the cyclist’s injuries. Additionally, only a medical professional can document injuries, so a timely assessment can play a key role in any personal injury cases.

An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Rights

If you or a loved one have been hit by a car, or if you have hit a cyclist and are wondering what your options are, call the experienced injury attorneys at Heiting & Irwin.  We have over 100 years of combined legal experience and are committed to providing excellent legal services to our clients. Reach out to us today for a consultation at (951) 682 -6400.

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