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What is Arbitration?


Arbitration is a method of hearing cases and deciding cases that is, generally, an abbreviated proceeding. There is no jury, and the arbitration hearing is conducted by one to three arbitrators.

The arbitration may be binding, non-binding, or advisory.

An advisory arbitration is usually conducted to give the parties some idea of what will happen in a future binding arbitration or trial with a judge or jury. This may be helpful to settlement, framing of issues, and/or approaches to the case.

Do I have to go to arbitration?

A non-binding arbitration is one that is advisory in nature unless and until it becomes binding. Arbitrations of this type may become binding with a passage of time if no party requests further proceedings.

A binding arbitration acts the same as a trial, and any award can become a judgment. The judgment is just as enforceable as any judgment after a full trial with a judge or a jury.

Arbitrations are usually less costly than a trial, can be heard in less time, and they can be somewhat less formal and demanding than a trial regarding evidentiary matters, procedures, and other issues. Is it to your advantage to go arbitration? It certainly may be. It is best to consult with an experienced attorney that handles your type of case to get their input. We would be happy to assist, call us at (951) 682-6400 to discuss your case today.

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