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What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

When people are injured in accidents, they typically do not sustain what is considered a “catastrophic injury.” Though an injury may be bad—as in, broken bones are involved, the likelihood of surgery is high, etc.—catastrophic injuries are much worse.  They are life-changing. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that left you with a catastrophic injury, speak with a Riverside catastrophic injury attorney right away.  You must have your case reviewed and speak with a knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyer.  Evidence loss and strict time limits to act compel immediate action and inquiry on your part.

What is Considered “Catastrophic”? 

If broken bones and the need for surgery is not considered “catastrophic,” then what is? Devastating injuries are usually those that occur to the head, neck, and spinal cord, or can include brain injuries, head trauma, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, dismemberment, amputation, blindness, deafness, and paralysis. These injuries usually have permanent and life-altering implications, such as the inability to work, walk, or even perform everyday functions on your own.

Catastrophic injuries can be caused in any number of ways. They can occur in normal car or truck accidents; or a skiing accident can leave a person with catastrophic injuries. A violent encounter may leave a person blind, deaf, or paralyzed, while a workplace or construction accident can cause dismemberment, disfigurement, severe burns, or other types of injuries. Whatever the cause, the overreaching effects are the same – long-term pain, loss and grief, extensive and ongoing medical bills, loss of earnings and earning capacity, and an overall decrease in enjoyment of life.  Claims that deal with catastrophic injuries focus on getting victims help in the short run and over the course of their lives, and helping them deal with and finance what will probably be a complete change of lifestyle.

Why it is so Important to Work With a Riverside Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

 Because catastrophic injuries can be life-altering, it is essential that you have the right personal injury attorney on your team. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known for diminishing the seriousness of an injury. This is most often the case when a person files a claim on his or her own and fails to include every last bit of documentation, including the most recent medical records, doctor’s notes, disability statements, and even personal journal entries. A good personal injury lawyer is essential.  When you work with a lawyer, he or she will ensure that your case is evaluated and prosecuted with the goal of the clients receiving the maximum amount of compensation allowable.

Heiting & Irwin has been helping accident victims recover compensation for their injuries and damages for over 40 years. If you want to obtain the compensation you need to live comfortably, heal, and regain the confidence and happiness you had before the accident, hire a catastrophic injury lawyer who knows what it takes to build a winning case. Reach out to our legal associates before your time limits to file your claim are up and while the evidence is fresh. Call 951-682-6400 to schedule your free consultation today.

In addition to serving Riverside County, we also serve clients in San Bernardino County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, and all of Southern California.

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