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Workers’ Compensation “No-Fault” System

Did you know that even if you are injured on the job and that injury is partially your fault or even totally your fault you are, in many (even most), circumstances entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include monies paid to you at two-third’s of your average weekly wage while you are out of work due to you injuries, compensation for any permanent disability you may have, as well as your medical care expenses (both current and future) being paid by your employer or insurance carrier.

Don’t say to yourself “it’s my fault, I don’t deserve anything”. If you were injured while providing services for your employer, you are entitled to pursue these benefits. Most employees are exposed to some form of risk while performing their job–often times a risk of an injury even greater than that which has actually occurred.

The worker’s compensation system essentially insures you for these risks and most carriers and employers know that this is a cost of doing business. We all make mistakes, but don’t compound that mistake by failing to avail yourself of benefits that were set up specifically to deal with your type of case and your type of injury, most often, regardless of fault.

Consult with an attorney regarding your specific injury, your options, and the potential benefits available to you. You owe this to yourself, as well as those in your family who will also be affected by the consequences of your injury.

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