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Workplace Burn Injuries

A burn could be considered as one of the worst type of injuries a person could sustain. Despite this, however, many workers are regularly exposed to electrical currents, open flames, and other types of heat sources that could cause devastating burn injuries. Among these include flammable and/or corrosive chemicals or gases.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly referred to as OSHA, has a written guideline that outlines regulations for fire as well as burn safety in the workplace. It also provides a written set of standards for the use or handling of gases and chemicals. While OSHA’s guidelines provide standards for use across the nation, these rules and regulations could vary across each state. Consider speaking to a qualified attorney who can guide you through the applicable state laws if you were injured and think you have a negligence claim.

Work-Related Burn Injury Statistics

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues rules and guidelines that could help to prevent workplace burn injuries, many catastrophes continue to take place. OSHA has determined that in the year 2011, there were approximately 143 work-related fatalities and about 2,220 workplace injuries, all of which occurred due to fires and/or explosions.

These statistics do not cover other forms of injuries that could transpire due to open flames, chemicals or gases. There are countless other injuries that could occur due to such elements. If you have been injured at work due to your company’s failure to abide by safety workplace regulations, or injured in a workplace incident, speak to an experienced workplace injury attorney who can help you. An attorney who has the right experience can help you understand applicable guidelines and your rights to medical treatment and compensation. Equally important, he or she can help you in the process of filing a work-related injury claim.

Identifying the Risks

The lack of workplace training is among one of the biggest contributing factors related to work site injuries. When a worker has not been properly trained and has not been given safety rules regarding his or her line of work, this can quickly result in burn injuries and even the death of the worker. This could also be the result if the company does not enforce safety rules and guidelines. In the event that the company has neglected to ensure the safety of its workers, the company could be held accountable to the injured party’s pain, suffering, and losses.  It is important to consult a qualified lawyer.

When it comes to burn-related injuries, OSHA has declared that employers need to train their workers with regard to fire hazards as well as what to do in the event of a fire emergency. Having trained workers and a well-structured plan could save lives and could also be helpful in preventing devastating workplace injuries. A well thought out plan could involve assigning key individuals who are assigned specific tasks in the event of a fire. It could also provide a plan for evacuation.

Seek Legal Support

Work-related burn injuries can leave a worker with permanent and devastating consequences. If you or someone you know has suffered a workplace burn injury, consider speaking to a qualified attorney.  Richard Irwin is a Workers’ Compensation Specialist (since 1995).

If you have suffered a work-related burn injury due to another’s carelessness, consider speaking to an experienced attorney. The attorneys at Heiting and Irwin have extensive experience in the field of burn injuries or workplace injuries. Time is of the essence; speak to a qualified attorney who has the right experience now.

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