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Escaping from a Mandatory Arbitration Clause

By James Heiting |

  Businesses like arbitration clauses. Whenever a business contracts with a customer (and especially when the business’s legal exposure is potentially high), chances are the business’s contract includes a provision requiring the customer to submit any claims or disputes it may have with the business to arbitration. In some cases, this arbitration is characterized… Read More »

Are Mediation and Arbitration Available for California Personal Injury Suits?

By Dennis Stout |

In the family law sphere, mediation and arbitration are commonplace as both methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) operate to help quarreling parties narrow the issues that need to be considered by the court. While each method of ADR differs slightly from the other, both can generally save litigants time and resources. These same… Read More »

Do I Have to go to Arbitration?

By Richard Irwin |

“I wanted to go to trial, but the other party says I have to go to arbitration. Is it true?” Many times when you go to a doctor’s office, hospital, medical provider, car dealer, or you enter into a contract for construction, and in many, and growing, areas and concerns, you are asked to… Read More »

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