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Category Archives: Burn Injury

Burn Injury Law: Establishing Liability and How to File a Claim

By James Heiting |

A burn injury can result from a product defect, a workplace injury, or some other form of negligence. The party responsible for the injury is also responsible to cover the victim’s medical expenses and damages. In cases where a victim is partially held accountable for the incident, he or she could still be able… Read More »

Premises Liability Claims in the State of California: Injuries Caused By a Fire

By James Heiting |

Unfortunately, wildfires in the State of California are nothing new. Just recently, California experienced some of the most devastating wildfires it has seen. Many people lost their lives and an even greater amount of people found themselves without a home as the fire destroyed without reservation. A wildfire can be devastating and can be… Read More »

Workplace Burn Injuries

By Sara Morgan |

A burn could be considered as one of the worst type of injuries a person could sustain. Despite this, however, many workers are regularly exposed to electrical currents, open flames, and other types of heat sources that could cause devastating burn injuries. Among these include flammable and/or corrosive chemicals or gases. The Occupational Safety… Read More »

Worker’s Compensation: Understanding the Different Types of Burns and How filing a Claim Can Help You

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Many workplaces can harbor dangerous areas where workers could easily get burned. If you are an employee who has suffered a burn-related injury, you should seek first aid assistance or emergency medical assistance.There are different types of workplace burn-related injuries an employee can suffer. These are, but are not limited to the following: Thermal… Read More »

Personal Injury: The Different Types of Burns

By Sara Morgan |

Being injured by means of a burn can have immediate and long-term consequences. Burns could happen in just about any location, which include but are not limited to: Home School Work Public Space It is also worth mentioning that a burn can also take many different forms. This article will cover the various categories… Read More »

Cases Involving Amputation Injuries

By James Heiting |

An amputation requires the “removal of either a severely injured or deceased bodily segment”. Although amputations may happen because of medical conditions such as the implications presented by diabetes, in personal injury cases, the removal of a body part is usually the direct result of a trauma. This can happen in a car accident,… Read More »

Calculating Settlement Awards for Burn Injuries

By Sara Morgan |

Like all injuries, burn injuries can range in severity from slight and temporary to severe and permanent. Though most burn injuries result in scarring, the more serious wounds cause permanent disfigurement, loss of function and mobility, and nerve damage. Some burns, depending on the location and how long after the incident they were treated,… Read More »

Common Burn Injuries Around the Holidays

By Richard Irwin |

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and not long after millions of Americans will celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, and other holidays. While these are usually times of celebration, a holiday party or dinner with family can quickly turn tragic because of a burn injury. The Riverside burn injury attorneys of Heiting and Irwin see a… Read More »

Make Sure Your Burn Case is Properly Handled

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

When an injury occurs, sometimes it leaves a large scar, sometimes a small one, and sometimes, for the lucky, there is no scar; however, someone who has survived an injury involving burns to his/her body, catastrophic or minor, will always have scars (at least with today’s state of plastic surgery). All too often the… Read More »

Identifying and Treating Burn Injuries

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

*Article Updated June 2022 As personal injury attorneys, we meet many victims who have suffered serious burns, and we handle cases involving burn injuries and deaths caused by burns, fires and explosions. Burn injuries are often catastrophic, permanent, and physically and emotionally devastating. They require expert medical attention and doctors dedicated to treating burn… Read More »

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