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What is the Difference between Murder and Wrongful Death?

By Sara Morgan |

As an experienced Riverside, California, wrongful death lawyer, clients and friends often ask me a seemingly difficult question: what is the difference between murder and wrongful death? First, I should say that both murder and the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another is very hard on survivors and family…. Read More »


By Robin Steele, Paralegal to Richard H. Irwin |

PART ONE: HOW TO RUIN YOUR “COMP” CASE Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers often hire private investigators to determine whether you are as injured as badly as you claim to be. With social media sites like Facebook, defense attorneys often do not even need private investigators to try and turn a trier of fact against… Read More »

Riverside County Law Alliance Educates Local Youth about Judicial System

By Sara Morgan |

The American judicial system is critical to the function and perseverance of our government and way of life, an entity seeking justice, fairness, retribution, and rehabilitation. Although the judicial system is so important, many students do not understand its role or function. According to a recent article from The Press-Enterprise, California requires only one… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

The governing body of California’s judicial branch recently approved increased funding for Superior Courts using a new workload-based formula. Under the new method of funding, each court will receive funding that is commensurate with its workload. Our local courts should benefit dramatically with increased funding under this new approval. Riverside County and San Bernardino… Read More »


By Jean-Simon Serrano |

PAST VIOLATIONS MAY SUPPORT RESTRAINING ORDER RENEWALS Family Code, Section 6345 permits a court to renew a restraining order upon request of a party without a showing of any further abuse since the issuance of the restraining order. Instead, the decision to renew such a restraining order lies in the discretion of the court…. Read More »

Faulty Bed Rail is Not Medical Malpractice

By Richard Irwin |

In previous blog entries, I’ve discussed MICRA and the caps it places on recovery for medical malpractice cases. In short, two of the restrictions are (1) a malpractice case must be brought within a shorter time limit than regular negligence cases, usually within one year, and (2) pain and suffering awards are capped at… Read More »

Sperm Donors Beware! You May Be Liable for Child Support

By Richard Irwin |

As highlighted by a recent Kansas case, sperm donors may be liable for child support payments. In response to a Craigslist ad, William Marotta of Kansas donated his sperm to a lesbian couple wanting to conceive. The endeavor was successful, and they were able to conceive a daughter, but did not use the assistance… Read More »

DIVORCE: MAKE YOUR EX PAY (for attorneys fees, that is)

By Sara Morgan |

While helping people with their divorces, I frequently hear them say that they had put off moving forward with their split because of the cost involved. What many fail to realize is that California law may provide for a way to pay for their attorney’s fees and costs. In Family Law matters such as… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

The budget crises in the State of California continues to affect the court system, particularly the courts’ ability to dispose of cases in an efficient manner. Litigants should expect to see a back log of court cases due to the lack of funding, lack of jurists, and lack of support staff. As cases continue… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

There is no such thing as “happy law”, especially in contested child support, custody, and visitation cases. Of course, the nature of the contested matter is expected to breed a degree of contention and aggravation between the two (or more) parties each contending for what they believe is in the best interests of the… Read More »

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