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By Sara Morgan |

It is an unfortunate truth that many people injured at work or through no fault of their own do not always experience a full recovery from their injuries.  Instead, despite the best medical efforts, they are left to piece their life back together while undergoing long-term pain management treatment, usually consisting of pain medications. … Read More »

Former Playboy Model Dies from Chiropractic Treatment

By Richard Irwin |

Many people turn to chiropractic treatment as an alternative healthcare means. While chiropractic treatment certainly can help with neck and back pain, some evidence suggests that over manipulation can actually cause more harm than good. Such was the case with “Charlotte”, a mother and former Playboy model, who died after receiving “routine chiropractic care.”… Read More »

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

By Sara Morgan |

When people are injured in accidents, they typically do not sustain what is considered a “catastrophic injury.” Though an injury may be bad—as in, broken bones are involved, the likelihood of surgery is high, etc.—catastrophic injuries are much worse.  They are life-changing. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that… Read More »

Getting Ready for Your Birds to Leave the Nest: A Pre-College “To Do” List

By James Heiting |

If your son or daughter just graduated from high school in 2017, chances are you are busy preparing for the date on which you will take him or her to college. You may have already engaged in considerable pre-planning: You may have visited the college on multiple occasions and toured the campus and dormitories;… Read More »

Will Your Fourth of July End With a Lawsuit?

By Sara Morgan |

There is nothing as synonymous with July 4th as fireworks, and nothing as synonymous with fireworks as catastrophic injury accidents. Each year, hundreds of individuals in California visit emergency rooms across the state because of one or more fireworks-related injuries, such as: Severe burn injuries; Loss of eye or other disfiguring injuries; Cuts and… Read More »

Calculating Economic and Non-economic Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

By Sara Morgan |

A successful California personal injury lawsuit is not ready to be concluded unless and until the injury victim has quantified the amount of damages suffered. This includes calculating the amount of economic as well as noneconomic damages incurred as a result of the personal injury accident. Initial pleading documents may only be able to… Read More »

Time Limits To Make A Claim Can Be Critical

By Sara Morgan |

If a person has been injured (or killed) due to the negligence of another, there are strict time limits that must be met in order to perfect or pursue a claim. Many people think that they will wait to see how things develop and stabilize before doing anything. This can be a serious mistake…. Read More »

You Slipped! Now What?

By Dennis Stout |

Suddenly and unexpectedly, you felt the odd sensation of your feet flying out from underneath you. You did not notice the wet spot on the floor or the can of food in the aisle. Next thing you know, you are on the ground surrounded by a gaggle of onlookers and a head and pelvis… Read More »

Make Sure Your Burn Case is Properly Handled

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

When an injury occurs, sometimes it leaves a large scar, sometimes a small one, and sometimes, for the lucky, there is no scar; however, someone who has survived an injury involving burns to his/her body, catastrophic or minor, will always have scars (at least with today’s state of plastic surgery). All too often the… Read More »

Prison Death Could Mean Neglect

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

A prison is a place where convicted criminals go to serve their time, but when neglect happens behind prison walls the same consequences arise: pain an suffering on behalf of the neglected party, even if they are a convicted criminal. A recent story was released about the death of an inmate in New Philadelphia… Read More »

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